Austin police officers involved in deadly Wickersham Lane shooting identified

Austin Police have identified the two officers involved in the fatal shooting on Wickersham Lane on January 5, 2021.

The officers were identified as Officer Gabriel Guiterrez and Officer Luis Serrato. Guiterrez has served with APD for five years and was the first official off duty. Serrato has two years of service and was the answering duty officer. Both fired their guns and both have been given paid administrative leave.

Officials say APD will not release video of the incident for the first 60-day period due to the recent weather-related closings. APD plans to release the video by April 4, 2021 at the latest.



APD press conference on officer fatal shots in SE Austin

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley speaks to the media and provides the latest information on the investigation.

Officers Guiterrez and Serrato were involved in a shooting in the 2500 block of Wickersham Lane near Oltorf Street in southeast Austin on January 5, 2021.

At a news conference, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said the incident happened around midnight and involved an off duty officer who went home and met a man in a car who pointed to a gun at the officer’s car. The officer fired and the suspect was hit.

In a press release, APD says the officer called 911 at 12:34 a.m. and reported that he was involved in the shooting incident. According to the officer, he drove through a neighborhood and turned south on Wickersham Lane. Then he noticed that there was a car behind him. This car interrupted the officer and when it stopped next to his vehicle, the officer saw the driver pointing a gun at him.


VIEWER WARNING: Video of the shooting in SE Austin

** VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED ** A witness captured video of a fatal shootout in southeast Austin. One man died and one woman was injured. (Video courtesy of Michael Smith)

According to APD, the officer shot the suspect and the vehicle drove a short distance south on Wickersham Lane, where it eventually stopped at the curb. The officer stopped behind the suspect’s vehicle and called 911.

APD says officers on duty arrived minutes later and captured the next part of the incident with body-worn cameras. The footage shows the suspicious vehicle that stopped at the curb with the off duty official’s personal vehicle. The off duty officer gave orders to the driver, and as the backup approached, he continued to give orders to the driver who was now off the driver’s side.

Despite verbal commands, the driver went around the rear of the vehicle to the passenger side, says APD. The driver opened what appeared to be the rear passenger door of the vehicle. When the driver reached into the vehicle, an officer on duty shot the driver, who went down.

Officials say a gun was found in the suspect’s car.

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The family remembers a man who was fatally shot and killed by Austin police

Alexander Gonzales Jr.’s family and friends held a vigil on Wickersham Lane, Austin, Wednesday night. Shannon Ryan of FOX 7 Austin has more details.

Alexander Gonzales Jr., 27, was shot dead. His family says Gonzales was a proud truck driver and new father. Gonzales ‘family also say Gonzales’ girlfriend and son were with him when the shooting occurred.

In an interview with FOX 7 Austin, Gonzales’ family said they believed the footage was “exaggerated”. His father Alexander Gonzales Sr. said: “… my son died on the floor struggling for breath while his baby cried and his girls were bleeding on the floor …”

Gonzales’ parents and sister believe he was reaching for his child in the back seat. “You know why he was reaching into the back? He’s reaching for his baby to examine his son. His girl was shot, his baby in the back is screaming and crying. What would you do if you had people lapping at you unload? ” “” asked Alexander Gonzales Sr.

Austin police identify a man who was killed in shootings

Austin Police are investigating after a man was killed in a shooting involving an officer.

Gonzales’ mother, Elizabeth Gonzales, says her son was the family’s “protector”. She said. “He cared more about his family than himself, they were everything to him … his girlfriend and baby were everything to him, and if he had to risk his life he would have done it, he would – any man would do it for that family. ”

Gonzales’ sister Angel Gonzales said: “… people need to come out and get justice because it is not right, it is not right what they did to him, and it is not right what they do to other people who are minorities . ” She was celebrating her 21st birthday when she learned that her brother had been killed.

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