Austin participants needed for clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine

A local vaccine clinical trial company is looking for participants in the Austin area to help with the next phase of development of a COVID-19 vaccine that is already showing promise.

Benchmark Research is looking for paid participants for a two-year study with one of the 20+ potential COVID-19 vaccines currently being tested.

The Austin-based company is looking for people at risk of developing serious illness from COVID-19 due to underlying health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and asthma. In addition, people are being recruited who are at high risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, e.g. B. Healthcare workers, first-aiders, teachers and deliverers as well as people in the vulnerable age group 65 and over.

“The global effort to develop a vaccine has resulted in thousands of study participants taking part in this historic battle,” said Mark Lacy, CEO of Benchmark Research, in a press release. “We know the Austinites and Central Texans feel the problem is bigger than they are, and this is an ideal way to be part of the solution.”

On July 14, researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that the first phase of the study for this potential COVID-19 vaccine had shown promising results in 45 healthy adults, ages 18 to 55, who each received two injections . Benchmark Research is hiring participants for the third phase of the study, due to begin this month and involving approximately 30,000 people in the United States

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotech company Moderna Inc. developed this vaccine candidate. The National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci led the phase 1 study.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed for participants in the Austin clinical trials. All laboratory work is carried out free of charge for the participants. Nobody needs to have health insurance to participate in the vaccine study.

In addition to central Texas, Benchmark Research is conducting the phase 3 vaccine study at its Fort Worth clinics. San Angelo; New Orleans; and Sacramento, California. In the past, Benchmark Research has conducted trials with vaccines against the swine flu virus H1N1 and the Ebola virus.

“I have worked developing therapies and treatments for many years, and this is one of the most important of our time,” says Dr. William Seger, Principal Investigator at Benchmark Research, in the press release. “A number of diseases that used to be widespread and often fatal, such as: B. Polio, were all but forgotten with the development of a vaccine. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the participants being ready to continue research to develop a viable vaccine for COVID-19. “

To sign up for Benchmark Research’s COVID-19 vaccine study, call 888-902-9605 or visit

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