Austin musician Kris Keyz changing music scene with ATX Music Academy

Good afternoon everyone: ATX Music Academy

While 2020 was a challenging year, it has also helped many to grow. FOX 7 Austin’s Leslie Rangel spoke to Austin musician and record producer Kris Keyz about how he’s changing the Austin music scene with a bunch of keys and his computer.

It’s safe to say that 2020 was one of the toughest years in our world, but there’s no denying it, it has helped many of us grow as people.

Austin musician and record producer Kris Keyz uses his experience to transform the music scene here in Austin with the help of a phrase and his computer.

When we look back on what music was like before the pandemic, it’s easy to see that it’s very different nowadays.


“I’m a full-time musician in the music industry, so I’m Covid and just like everyone else in this pandemic,” Keyz says. “I scored a goal financially and emotionally. It’s been tough, it’s hard to switch. We’re still switching to be honest.”

But like transitioning between notes in a song, this record producer is on a mission, using his talents online to teach others his craft.

“It was born out of necessity first. I was just trying to find ways to connect. I connected to my fans and people through live shows, so that was completely cut out because I was eight or nine months Don’t know I already figured out how to connect with people by making videos online, “says Keyz.

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Now his focal point is using his life’s work to help people and music colleagues to heal through music from 2020 onwards.

“And that has moved to the ATX Music Academy, where I work with other musicians in the community. This will actually be another source of income and a resource for them in case we suffer another pandemic,” Keyz explains of his new company. “I want a platform that makes inspiring artists and musicians just grow. Many of them didn’t make it because their performance was their only source of income.”

So far, the ATX Music Academy has offered piano lessons with Keyz and vocal lessons, and even offers the opportunity to learn music production with Grammy-winning artists.


“It’s more than just teaching people to play the piano. This course has lasted 35 years of my life. When I had my traumatic experience, I had a depression that got angry, you know,” Keyz said of a police officer at the scene Weapon encounter false identity.

“The piano, man, the piano was one of the few things I had in my life. I could sit down at the piano, I only played three or four chords, it wasn’t a particular song or anything. But it was the opportunity Just sit at the piano and flow, and that was the only thing I could calm down, “recalls Keyz.

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He says it’s a way to be present and take a break in 2020.

“We’ll take the bull by the horns. It’s tough for all of us, but we’ll keep beating and fighting and continuing to add value to our community, and music isn’t dead if we can’t play it live, we’re going online!” Says Keyz.

For more information, visit the ATX Music Academy website.

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