Austin mayor declines to ‘return the favor’ to Ted Cruz after Cancún trip

Austin mayor Steve Adler declined to join the Texan choir that US Senator Ted Cruz criticized for flying to Cancun when his constituents froze.

On Friday, Adler joined NBC News to discuss the power outages and water leaks that have affected its city this week. Before the interview ended, host Savannah Guthrie shot the conversation on two trips to Mexico.

Of course, Adler took a vacation to Cabo San Lucas in November. While in Mexico, the mayor posted a Facebook video urging Austin residents to “stay home if you can” while the number of COVID-19 cases increased. Cruz was not impressed, calling Adler and other Democrats “complete and utter hypocrites”.

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Guthrie reminded Adler about the incident after Cruz’s short break in Cancun, which the Senator attributed to “wanting to be a good father.”

“I have to ask you this morning, what do you think of Senator Cruz’s actions this week?” Guthrie asked.

“I’m totally focused on bringing food and water to the people in my community who don’t have it this morning,” Adler replied. “I’ll leave these issues to Senator Cruz and his voters. I’m trying to bring people together because we have a really big task ahead of us here in the next few days.”

Guthrie tried again and asked, “You don’t care to return the favor to Senator Cruz?” Adler refused.

“I will continue to focus on bringing water and food to the people in my community,” said the mayor.

By Friday afternoon, Austin Energy had restored electricity to around 95 percent of its customers. However, the city remained under a boiling water notice and large parts of the city either had no water or had low water pressure, according to Austin Water.

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