Austin Man Hopes Letters From Santa Help Spread Cheer

AUSTIN, Texas – For the third year in a row, an Austin man is helping children deliver letters to Santa in the North Pole in the hope that this holiday season will bring a little more joy.

George Stafford looks forward to the holidays every year when he can bring out his Christmas collection.

“There’s no favorite,” said Stafford. “I enjoy every single one of them. I wish I had more “

Three years ago he added a large mailbox to his front yard labeled “Letters to Santa Claus”.

“When I’m out there people will actually stop and ask if they can let their kids put letters in there, that’s fine with me,” said Stafford. “I can read it.” Then I will guide them further [Santa Claus], but fun to read. “

He makes sure that these letters get to the North Pole and that Santa’s replies get back to the children.

“Sometimes the nice people get letters or cards or a certificate that they are nice. Naughty ones could get coal, “said Stafford, chuckling.

But this year he noticed a difference in the letters due to the pandemic.

“I would say 85 percent of the letters I’ve seen and forwarded said something about what’s going on,” said Stafford. “The really interesting ones are those who talk about their family and want to make sure their family stays healthy.”

It definitely had an impact on him.

“Honestly, I feel like I wish I could do something,” said Stafford.

So he focuses on what he can do to make sure the letters get to the North Pole, and Santa’s replies get it back.

“I feel better and I hope everything makes you feel better,” said Stafford. “We need something to make people happy, or in one way or another, to make people smile. And if I can do a little of it, that makes me happy. “

And in a year like 2020, a little magic will do.

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