Austin Food Truck Owner Under Fire for Anti-Black Lives Matter Posts

Beau Hobbs, the owner of Austin Cajun Food Trucks Beaux Seafood, had a backlash for multiple posts last month on his personal Facebook page, announcing debunked conspiracy theories about George Floyd’s death and calling the Black Lives Matter movement racist.

Many of Hobbs’ posts published earlier today had warnings of “partially incorrect information” from Facebook. When these disclaimers were highlighted in the comments of his posts, as seen by Eater, Hobbs continued to insist that they were true. His profile has since been privatized, although his Twitter, which has been inactive since 2019 but promotes similarly toned messages, is still public. Screenshots of the Facebook posts that contain racist content are shown below.

Lots of people, mostly from the Austin area, have taken to Beaux’s Yelp page to express their displeasure with the Facebook posts, and some have even updated previously positive reviews with negative reviews. Various yelpers called Hobbs racist, shared screenshots of his posts, and instead recommended black-owned fish restaurants in town.

Both the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Seafood Truck have since been removed. When the Instagram account was still active, people had left a message of support for Black Lives Matter. A screenshot of a post also follows below.

Eater has approached Hobbs for further comments. This article will be updated accordingly.

Screenshots from Beau Hobbs Facebook Eater Austin

Screenshots from Beau Hobbs Facebook show a censored video claiming George Floyd is alive and the video is fake

Screenshots from Beau Hobbs Facebook Eater Austin

A screenshot from Beau Hobbs' Facebook that reads

A screenshot from Beau Hobbs’ Facebook eater Austin

Screenshots from Beau Hobbs Facebook show a flyer allegedly showing that the protests were organized by Friends of Democracy and a post from VonYugen who says everything in the news is written in scripts

Screenshots from Beau Hobbs Facebook Eater Austin

Screenshot of the Beaux Seafood Instagram page

Screenshot of Beaux Seafood, Eater Austin Instagram page

The local nonprofit Austin Justice Coalition also shared a post on their Instagram stories calling Hobbs on the local events website Austin Socialite and encouraging followers not to visit the company.

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Hobbs opened Beaux’s first location in Manchaca in 2016 and expanded to a second location outside the Quickie Pickie in East Cesar Chavez in 2019, which apparently closed in July of that year.

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