Austin family loses father, the sole provider, in DWI crash

The Austin family loses their father, the only provider, in a DWI crash

Austin police said Danish was driving east on 38 1/2 Street when he was suddenly hit by Christian Ramos.

For the Danish family, Khairullah Danish was the definition of a hard worker, provider and, above all, a father.

“My father was always there for us. He never made us feel like we needed anything. He always told us to concentrate on our studies and everything else that he will take care of,” said Hashmatullah Danish , the son of Danish.

Khairullah Danish had a wife and seven children. Hashmatullah is the oldest. You were rocked with tragic news on the morning of January 9th. Her father was killed in a car accident.

“I tried my best not to cry in front of my mother and brothers because now I know that I am the only hope for this family,” said Danish.

Austin police said Danish was driving east on 38 1/2 Street when he came to a set of traffic lights that flashed red in all directions. He stopped and then went through the intersection when he was suddenly hit by Christian Ramos. Police say Ramos was drunk and arrested and charged with manslaughter on charges of poisoning.


Christian Ramos was charged with manslaughter and poisoning after an accident in which 41-year-old Khairullah Danish was killed. (Austin Police Department)


“He brought us here with literally no money in our pockets. We started a new world here and we wanted to get started and everything went well and then someone came out of nowhere and destroyed this world,” said Danish.

Police also said Danish was on the clock for Uber and Lyft at the time, proving how tough he really was as a worker. His family also say he was the sole breadwinner.

“He was everything. He took care of everything. I don’t speak English. He was the only one who took care of everything, he was the only one who took care of appointments, everything,” said Gul Ghoti Danish, the Danish woman .

“It’s a big loss for us as friends and definitely for the family. It’s a big loss. We miss him very much,” said Shahid Haiderzei, the Danish friend.

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Khairullah Danish came to America in 2016 to help his wife and children have a better life. “He was a translator for the US armed forces. He went through so much for us there. He broke his hand on a mission,” said Danish.

His family hopes to carry his legacy and urge everyone not to drink and drive. “We barely made it here. We survived in Afghanistan, bombs and everything. We got here and then we had our world, everything held up well and then you made the choice to drink and then drive”, said Danish.

The family is trying to raise funds for college education and daily expenses to transfer through a GoFundMe.


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