Austin Energy works to restore power to more customers

Austin Energy is working to get more customers powered up

Many Austin energy customers were left without electricity. Austin Energy’s general manager says they are working to change.

A week after that winter weather began, thousands of Austin residents are facing electricity and water problems. The city of Austin says they are working tirelessly to provide customers with electricity and water.

“I don’t think enough is being done. I think they have let us down,” said Christine Pack.

Pack has lived in the Austin Colony neighborhood for 15 years. She is one of the thousands of Austinites who have been without power for several days.

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“We lost power at 8am on Monday. They abandoned us as Texans. They abandoned us and I think they need to be held accountable,” she said, speaking of state and city guides as well as utilities in Austin.

“Austin Energy is doing everything possible to restore power,” said Jackie Sargent, GM of Austin Energy.

Austin City Severe Weather Press Conference – 2/17/21

Austin Energy and Austin Water officials are giving an update along with Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Austin City manager Spencer Cronk.

On Wednesday, the city guides held a press conference with Austin Water and Austin Energy to shed light on the current situation in Austin.

Thousands of people are without electricity, and Austin Energy says they are actively working to change that.

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ERCOT hopes to be able to start with failures due to the higher supply

ERCOT estimates that 185 power generation units have been triggered offline since the winter storm began. Frozen wind turbines, limited gas supplies, low gas pressure and frozen instruments were key factors

“As ERCOT reserves improve, even though they remain low, we can restore some customers. We have restored as many circuits as possible in our service area and are prioritizing those customers who have been without power the longest. This power may not indefinitely, however Time to stand, “said Sargent.


District 4 city council member Greg Casar said the state has finally given Austin Energy permission to restore power to more customers. He says this could be temporary and act as rolling blackouts, but it’s a start. “The situation people are in is totally unacceptable and we need to focus on getting people back on track, warming people up, and bringing water back to places where the water pipes are broken.”

“In the past 36 hours or so, the demand on our water system has changed significantly,” said Greg Meszaros of Austin Water.


Many without water, as Austin demand more than doubles supply

City guides say thousands of burst pipes caused the shortage. They also urge residents to stop dripping taps from dripping.

As for Austin Water, Meszaros says to stop dripping faucets. This goes back to previous advice Austin Water gave its customers to prevent frozen burst pipes. According to Meszaros, the dripping from faucets, in addition to bursting water pipes, has significantly increased water needs, and Austin Water cannot keep up.

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“We see tens of thousands of major and pipe ruptures throughout our system. I think this is more than we have ever seen in Austin Water’s 100 year history,” said Meszaros.

Austin is currently under a citywide notice of boiling water.

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