Austin Energy customers experiencing rolling blackouts after snow

About 3 to 5 inches of snow fell in the Austin area overnight from February 14-15. (Jack Flagler / Community Impact Newspaper)

Rotating power outages began for Austin Energy customers in the early hours of February 15 after 3 to 5 inches of snow fell over the Austin area overnight.

With demand for electricity increasing during the winter storm and difficult to keep up with, the Texas Electric Reliability Council ordered utility companies to reduce demand for the system. According to ERCOT, companies typically achieve this demand reduction by introducing rolling power outages, as Austin Energy did on the morning of February 15th.

Although outages typically last 10 to 40 minutes, they can last longer if the network requires it. According to Austin Energy, this will be the case on February 15th.

“The required outages are more extensive than expected and currently do not allow us to bring affected customers back online,” said Jackie Sargent, general manager of Austin Energy, via Twitter. “We will continue to work with ERCOT and work through our emergency plans in order to supply customers with electricity again as soon as the grid allows it.”

Austin Energy has a list of “critical loads” that are not exposed to power outages, such as: B. Hospitals. For all other customers, the company stated that its system randomly selects which areas are rotating to meet ERCOT guidelines.

The rolling power outages are included in the utility company’s outage map, which will show more than 100,000 customers without power as of February 15 at 8 a.m.

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