Austin designer predicts how COVID-19 will affect home decor in 2021

The past year has brought a renewed focus on the home as the pandemic has made it not just a place to come home to at the end of the day, but now a place to work, a classroom, a restaurant and a home entertainment center for the whole family.

Sara Malek Barney, founder and lead designer of Bandd designtook note of what their customers requested with their conversions – and specifically, what works best for this unprecedented situation.

“I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing the phrase ‘new normal’ now, but the fact is that the events of 2020 shaped our way of life and, with it, the future of design,” she said.

Barney and her team have compiled a list of their trend predictions for 2021, from structural changes to color predictions and beyond.

An increase in functionality

The need for multi-purpose living spaces has never been greater. Today, more people than ever are working remotely, realizing that they still need to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

“We’ve seen a tremendous surge in home office projects here at the company over the past six months,” says Barney, “and inventory options for desks and office chairs are getting leaner every day as companies move forward.” to realize their potential for staying at home. “

Secretarial desks, tight-fitting fixtures and other creative folding storage solutions are on the rise and will continue to be so in the coming year. Any means of neatly stowing the work area away at 5 p.m. is a must for anyone who now lives and works in confined spaces.

Similarly, this desire for functionality has extended to our outdoor living spaces, notes Barney. With borders tightly regulated and social distancing mandates in place, many are now investing in curating their own backyard oases as luxurious meeting and entertainment spaces.

“We heard about bringing the outdoors inside, but in 2021 we expect the inside to come out,” says Barney.

Clean and authentic materials

2020 taught us all a lot, including the fact that we could do a lot more to curb the spread of germs in our own homes. For this reason – in combination with the general tendency of millennials to shy away from inauthenticity – natural and pore-free material surfaces will be found everywhere in the New Year.

Another big win for this return to organic brings us back to work-from-home.

“We crave these elements alongside the lean technological age we live in and the screens we stare at our days,” says Barney. “Biophilic elements are a must to counteract the negative psychological effects of our blue light intake.”

Playful pallets

“Here at Bandd, we love having fun with color, so we’re pretty excited about this next one,” says Barney. “The paint is back, all of you, and this time it’s in full swing!”

With so much more time at home, we expect a departure from the endless sea of ​​whites, blacks, and grays that followed the recent wave of farmhouses. As clean as it may look, it can also feel quite cold and bleak. With all the constant change and uncertainty that 2020 brings with it, people strive for a happy and peaceful change of pace.

Yellow hasn’t seen such a major rebirth since the 1970s. There are some bold and cheerful shades on trend right now, including ocher, mustard, warm beige, and blonde. Expect the revival of chintz, willow, cane, fringes, flowers, gingham, wallpaper, and antiques, creating a hopeful, cozy, and nostalgic ambience.

As more and more people turn to creative hobbies to pass the time and alleviate fears, a revival of home decor arts and crafts can be expected. Crafts like ceramics, quilts, macrame, knitting, needlepoint, and colored pieces will be everywhere in 2021. Home improvement, it’s your time to shine!

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