Austin company unleashes hospital-grade face masks for dogs

Let a company in Austin give us what we really need during this pandemic: dog face masks. However, unlike their human companions, these are not intended for the fight against COVID-19.

On August 27, the locally owned The Good Air Team announced the release of its K9 mask, a snout shield for N95 caliber dogs. Although they resemble muzzles, these specially designed masks filter out smog, emissions, pollen, smoke from forest fires, dust and even bacteria.

Basically, the company says, whenever a human is advised to wear a mask for environmental reasons, it should do so. Exposure to toxic particles – especially smoke – can lead to lung diseases and visual disturbances in puppies, among other things.

Each mask is washable and equipped with a removable four-layer air filter to remove particles from the air when the dog inhales. The air filter meets the requirements of the Centers for Disease Control for an N95 mask that covers a hospital-grade face and filters 95 percent of the toxins in the air.

When you exhale, the mask uses an “exhaust valve” to let air out of the mask. The company claims the valve even gives off heat to cool a panting dog.

“Unfortunately, forest fires in places like California have become the new normal in recent years. Finding solutions to air pollution problems such as forest fire smoke is the ultimate goal of the Good Air team,” said CEO Kirby Holmes in a press release.

Holmes and co-owner Evan Daugherty founded the Good Air team in 2018. The K9 Mask project is the result of the company’s successful Kickstarter in March 2019 that exceeded its $ 10,000 goal to get the line into production.

Available online for $ 59, K9 masks come in small, medium, and large sizes, and come with adjustable neck and muzzle straps. Special 5-packs of air filters can be purchased for an additional $ 24.88.

Holmes adds, “We’re helping dog owners with new solutions to protect their pet’s health.”

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