Austin British Restaurant Full English Is Closing in July

British cafe and tea spot Full English closes in Westgate this month. The last service day is Sunday 19th July. The Vegan Yacht Food Truck will take the address of 2000 Southern Oaks Drive and transform it into its first physical restaurant, opening on Saturday August 1st.

Full English had to close because “it recently became clear that we couldn’t afford to move on,” while the novel restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic and food, as co-owners Alice and Shadrach Smith explained in the Instagram post. The couple were already struggling to stay afloat before the pandemic, they told Eater via email. “Also, it didn’t make sense for the city to close restaurants but not start a scholarship program until five months later,” they added.

Currently, Full English is open for takeaway and third party (including Favor) deliveries until the closing date. At some point, items from the restaurant such as teapots are also sold. There are no plans to reopen in the future, but the Smiths are open to partnering with anyone who is interested. The social media feeds will stay active, sharing UK news, recipes and cultural goodies.

Co-owners Mike and Danielle Woods launched a GoFundMe campaign to finance Vegan Yacht’s first stationary business. You have plans to expand the menu (baked goods, soft ice cream) to include additional employees and working hours. They want to raise $ 30,000. Vegan Yacht’s truck is currently in the Full English parking lot.

The couple opened Full English in 2010. The restaurant was known for its high tea service, British breakfast, bangers, breakfast rolls (also known as butties), fish and chips and pastries. The Woods also opened the Vegan Yacht in 2010 and focused on vegan dishes like burritos, including the Freeto with tempeh chili, organic corn chips, and vegan cheese. Bowls of tempeh or Mexican soy curls; and more.

Update, July 7th, 11:33 am This article, originally published on July 7th, has been updated to include comments from the English co-owners.

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