Austin brand debuts cool new flip-flops for your active lifestyle

Newcomer Austin Footwear Labs is changing the flip-flop game for the active Austin lifestyle. Austin Footwear Labs (AFL), the brainchild of the eco-conscious techie at Austin Rubber Company, is committed to sustainable shoes that look good. With the introduction of the brand’s durable and comfortable flip flops, we would say they have been successful.

AFL’s new flops are made with APX, recycled rubber from old tires with incredible durability. APX is the secret weapon of the flip-flops, offering high-performance and long-term clothing that competes with well-known shoe brands using local technology. The sandals are designed to be environmentally conscious and even come to your doorstep in sustainable packaging. This makes them a perfect match for the environmentally friendly Austinite.

“It all grew out of the rubber,” said Greg Merrill, AFL’s senior vice president, to CultureMap. “In America alone, over 300 million old tires are produced. Most of them are dumped in a landfill or burned for fuel. We didn’t like these numbers, so we decided to do something about it. “

“We wanted to create a shoe that Austinites could wear and wear comfortably anywhere,” says Greg Merrill of Austin Footwear Labs.

In addition to the environmentally conscious aspect, the brand offers flip-flops with an Austin aesthetic. Flip-flops come in different color combinations and they can be worn anywhere and anytime. The shoes are perfect for any item on the agenda such as an easy hike up Mount Bonnell or a stroll through the downtown streets.

“We wanted to create a shoe that Austinites could wear anywhere and wear comfortably,” says Merrill. “We think we designed a pretty cool shoe with a cool initiative behind it.”

AFL fans can expect new styles and colors in the next year, according to Merrill. For now, however, the company is focused on its debut flip-flops and the customers who love them. “We are in the process of creating a new style. We’re so new we still want to get feedback from our current customers. We want to know what they like and what they want to see next from AFL, ”says Merrill.

AFL is the flip-flop that every Austinite should own for its durability, versatility and casual look.

“Austin is a very casual, laid-back city and that’s one of the reasons we call this home. We really want to deepen our roots here and continue to create awareness of something that we are not passionate about. We wanted to bring a shoe to the city [it] could be ethically lagging behind and looking good too, and we believe we are doing just that, ”says Merrill.

Check out AFL’s new flip-flops available online for $ 70.

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