Austin at Large: Fool Around and Find Out! Austin’s wannabe warriors are set to see what this city really thinks of its cops – News

Here’s a fact: the city of Austin has taken steps to size its police station and reduce its involvement in state-sponsored violence without encountering major local backlash. Yes, the Republican leaders and self-interested police guilds of Texas had noisy public connections and have now passed laws that may or may not injure a court, yelling at Backing the Blue trying to create dissent by showing a portrait of a town in the Chaos, which Austin just isn’t.

But the Austinites have now had a year to demand the restoration of the status quo ante of the police, and they have not. Last November, District Republican candidates did well to vote for Republicans in an election where a Republican president heads the ticket. Only one, Mackenzie Kelly, was actually elected with 750 votes in a December runoff election in Council District 6 with a 9% turnout. Nearly 600 of those votes came from a neighborhood that incumbent Jimmy Flannigan had alienated in a non-police zoning case.

By that week, it seemed clear that legislature force majeure would be required to get Austin to fund his police force. But on Wednesday, Save Austin Now, the GOP-led activists behind the recriminalization of homelessness in public, launched a new petition to put an initiative for police citizens on this year’s November ballot along with any proposals to change it of the Texas Constitution to start the session alive. Since SAN put the pansies on the council and especially Steve Adler down on May 1st, they’re going to fuck around and find out what Austin really thinks of the cops.

A lot of money for warm bodies

We can refer to this drive as SAN 2.0. This is also the “benchmark” staffing quota (2.0 officers per 1,000 Austinites) that the ordinance would mandate to be set in stone to keep the armed forces growing and union ranks and coffers to swell and consume more of yours Money regardless of the facts on the spot. (There is absolutely no evidence that this leads to lower crime.) The “impartial” initiative will also include provisions for more police training and diversity gestures (with higher paychecks for “good cops”) that could appeal to Democratic women, without the self in the low turnout change cycle after the session, no local elections will be won. (The last one in 2019 had a 13.7% turnout and two civic groups aiming to partner with Austin FC and the Convention Center, neither of which were successful.)

The all-white Republican group and their only Latina friend on Wednesday tried to sound like adults just wanting us all to be safe, but of course the bullying jumped out. The witness, for example US Representative Chip Roy, was recently humiliated when attempting to replace Liz Cheney as a key member of Congress: “Mayor Adler likes to talk about reimagining. Reimagining is just another word for dangerous things Austin streets in the name of vigilance. “

“Wokeness” is an indication that these utterances are to spoiled whites who think the views, ideas, and desires of hundreds of thousands of Austinites who don’t look like Chip Roy are pointless bullshit. Yes, (some types of) crime in Austin is (a bit) on the rise, as in other cities. There’s a reason for that: we’ve just gone through a year of unprecedented national trauma, economic devastation, more than 50,000 Texans dead and rioters trying to overthrow the 2020 elections, all by Republicans, not Antifa, not BLM – Demonstrators who were brought to you and certainly not Steve Adler. We also had the violent Austin police response to peaceful protests a year ago this week, which is the main reason the council has actually taken de-police action rather than just talking about it like in other cities.

See what you can see

But what about Prop B? Wasn’t that a sign of local backlash? By putting its campaign against the homeless on its pro-cop agenda, SAN is telling itself. They were all hurt when the council put the words “criminal sanctions” on the ballot for not wanting people to think that Prop B only authorized the Austin police to blow up the heads of some bums. But that’s all it really did.

When the Austinites voted on Prop B months later than planned, voters had seen with their own eyes what looked like an explosion of homelessness. As you know, by reading the Chronicles, this was not really true. It was true that the city made an effort to get people into stable housing as quickly as everyone would like. It’s still true, and SAN hasn’t done anything to change that, and neither has the red regime of this great state because they don’t care. They just want town hall to look bad because they’re bullies and assholes. Mission accomplished.

I think it is possible that there will be enough crime and chaos on Austin’s streets by November to create a similar dynamic for SAN 2.0. We’ll be sure to hear about every crime in Austin by then! And crimes could actually be worse because stupidly legitimate would-be warriors of our police force aren’t going to work very hard to prevent or solve them! Let’s not be naive about this fact.

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