Austin adds 55,000 households to curbside composting collection program

As of February, approximately 55,000 households will be enrolled in the city of Austin’s Curbside Composting Collection program.

Austin Resource Recovery announced the additions as part of the fourth and final expansion of the program, which currently serves approximately 152,000 households. ARR has expanded the service through a four-year incremental approach that began in 2017, the city said.

“We are very excited to complete the expansion of our Curbside Composting program,” said Ken Snipes, Austin resource recovery director, in a press release. “Keeping compostable items out of landfills will extend the life of the landfill, improve Austin air quality and reduce harmful greenhouse gases.”


As of February, approximately 55,000 households will be enrolled in the city of Austin’s Curbside Composting Collection program.


To comply with COVID-19 safety regulations, ARR will be holding a virtual town hall this year, giving new roadside composting customers the opportunity to learn about the program, learn how to use the service, and free resources to start composting to be given the opportunity to hand out free kitchen collectors and compostable bags until it is safe to do so for both customers and employees.

The city says that a recent study showed that nearly half of the physical consumer that ends up in the landfill are compostable. The roadside composting program collects leftover food, garden waste, and food-contaminated paper and converts them into nutrient-rich compost. This program is part of the city of Austin’s Zero Waste goal of removing 90 percent of its materials from landfills by 2040.

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Customers who were involved in this year’s expansion of Curbside Composting received a notification postcard in early January informing them about their new service and invited to participate in a virtual town hall at the end of January. Customers can search for their addresses online using the Austin Recycles app and My Schedule tool to see when their first collection will be.

The city says Curbside Composting can also help Austinites save money on their utility bills, as customers are likely to have less junk each week after putting scraps of food and food-stained paper in their green carts. This can allow them to downsize to a smaller, less expensive garbage truck.

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For more information on curbside composting, participating in the virtual town hall, resources and instructional videos, please visit here.


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