Are Austin Restaurants Too Small To Fail? No, they’ll fail – unless they get the support they need – Food

You know how it is now. We know how it is now. And our friends at the Austin Food & Wine Alliance, who have been hit by the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic, let us know how it’s all around – no doubt about it.

“Thousands of friends, neighbors and colleagues who work in the restaurant and bar industry need our help,” say the AFWA Honchos. “With social distancing measures and protection orders disrupting the rhythm of daily life, small businesses face massive layoffs and a sharp drop in income. Many workers and owners are wondering how they can afford basic necessities such as housing, supplies, food and childcare. “

All of these people in our church are devastated.
And you’re not a dummy, so you know the crisis doesn’t stop there.

“The Texas Restaurant Association estimates the potential loss of 500,000 hospitality-related jobs during this pandemic. Many of the small family-owned restaurants – from popular Tex-Mex restaurants to corner cafes – won’t be able to weather the storm. Without quick relief, restaurant shutters will cause unprecedented economic damage affecting suppliers, farmers and ranchers, nonprofits, and other professionals who rely on the hospitality industry to survive. “

That’s what the hashtag #TooSmallToFail means: when the restaurants go, the little ones and the big ones go with pretty much everything else.

“Look at the helpers,” said Mister Rogers. And that pulls a tear from your already stressed eye; and you want to help; you want to do something worthy of this wonderful man.

So how can you help? What should I do?

AFWA suggests five things:

1. The Texas Restaurant Association issued a letter outlining aggressive actions elected executives can take to help the Texas restaurant industry. After you have entered your name, company, address, email address and phone number, the form will automatically send the letter to your officials, citizens and national officials. (Note: If you do not want to receive any further updates by e-mail or text, you must deactivate the relevant fields in the form.)

2. We want to humanize this crisis so that people can see the faces and hear the stories of those affected. If you are in the restaurant industry, please share your story via video or photo on your social media platforms. Identify local, state, and national leaders to educate them about the issues you will face in the coming weeks and months. Click here for a list of government official social media handles. Use this hashtag #TooSmallToFail to amplify the message and let them know that we are all together.

3. If you are not in the restaurant industry, please share posts from your family, friends and favorite restaurants using the hashtag. Let’s make sure the message is heard loud and clear.

4. Many Austin restaurants have changed their business model to offer touchless roadside pickup delivery. If you can, please order food or drinks from your favorite local businesses or purchase gift cards to use later. Check online which restaurants offer takeout orders.

[Ed. note: Here’s a fine resource for that.]

5. The Southern Smoke Foundation has a fund that directly benefits the Austin culinary community. Choose the Austin Relief Fund to quickly provide assistance to individuals and businesses experiencing lost incomes due to the pandemic. Members of the culinary community who need immediate help – including restaurant workers or owners, food truck operators, farmers and ranchers, brewery workers, suppliers and equipment providers – can apply for assistance here. Funds are allocated within 48 to 72 hours.

Ok do you have all of this (Thanks AFWA!) And remember that Vic and Al’s Soup Kitchen of Nic Patrizi & Friends are already strong on Manor Road trying to feed our laid-off industrial workers. And Kick Butt Coffee at the airport is also fighting this good fight. We’re all in it together babies let’s make sure we keep it together!

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