APD identifies officers involved in North Austin shooting

Austin Police identified two officers involved in a shooting in North Austin in early January.

APD has identified Officer Javier Rodriguez as the officer who fired his gun and injured Dylan Michael Polinski, 23, and Officer Kamowa Reynolds as the officer who used a taser on Polinski.

According to the APD, Rodriguez and Reynolds have been given paid administrative leave as per guidelines while the incident is being investigated.


The police informed about the shooting by officials – 01/04/21

Austin police are discussing details of a SWAT situation that resulted in a gunfight involving an officer.

APD says it has also started the public release process for a video showing filming at the Springhill Suites on January 4th. The video, which will be released on Friday March 5, contains relevant audio and video from the ongoing investigation, but APD says the video was edited or edited in accordance with state laws, but extensive footage of the actions of officials included.

The shootout the officer was involved in originated in a SWAT situation at the Springhill Suites. The incident began at around 9:47 p.m. on Jan. 3, when APD received information from the Round Rock Police Department that an armed and dangerous person wanted for a serious robbery from Williamson County was at the hotel.

Round Rock Police asked for assistance in finding the suspect identified as Polinski. Officials arrived at 9:50 p.m. and it was found that Polinski was not at the scene.

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The SWAT situation in North Austin results in gunfights involving officers

Officials say Polinski used the woman he was with as a shield.


At around 3:48 a.m. on January 4, Austin police responded to a new 911 call from Springhill Suites indicating that Polinski had returned to the hotel. At around 4:20 am, officers tried to contact Polinski to persuade him to surrender, but he did not obey and barricaded himself in a room with a woman whom police said appeared to be there against her will.

Officers secured the scene and several nearby rooms were evacuated. APD SWAT was called and arrived at around 5:20 am

Officials say Polinski left the room and used the woman he was with as a shield. SWAT managed to get the woman to safety when Polinski ran down the hall to the exit of the stairs. As Polinski entered the stairwell, he was confronted by officers who secured the exit.

Polisnki was cursed by an officer, but the taser did not appear to be effective. Polinski went back to the officers, the police say that an officer fired his gun and Polinski was shot.

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