A modern masterpiece with in west Austin gets a big price drop

People play with the term “modernism” pretty quickly and easily – especially when it comes to residential architecture. So rest assured, this sprawling home in leafy Highland Park West embodies some of the most recognizable aspects of form – in a stunning way.

When the house launched in September, it was priced at an ambitious $ 3.25 million. Now it’s back, this time at $ 2,999,000 – a drop of more than $ 250,000 – but as impressive as ever.

The two story home was built in 1964 and is both grand and low key. It has numerous classic features typical of modern times, including long, horizontal lines, flat roofs, originally cast terrazzo floors and several living areas. Wide corridors, wall-sized windows and patterned, sometimes room dividers contribute to the open appearance and are reminiscent of the typical style.

Icing on the Cake – or maybe the topper – is a floating addition designed by Stan Haas, the architect behind the conversion of Austin’s Lester E. Palmer Auditorium into the dazzling Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Center for the Performing Arts A miracle of modernity reinvented and a truly iconic space.

Haas’ second floor structure actually appears to be floating and is beautifully integrated into the original structure and opens to a balcony overlooking the back yard and pool. A covered terrace leads back into the 5,676 square foot home, which has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a guest toilet, and a two-car garage. The home is located at 5204 Ridge Oak Drive and is listed by Drew Marye on The Marye Company.

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