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Tips for Choosing the Right Caterer

Dec 7

When it comes to factors that make or break an event, few are as crucial as the quality, flavor, and presentation of food and beverages that you serve. Your choice of a caterer will have a huge influence on how successful your event is.

Here are the 10 top events you should think about when hiring catering services.

#1 - Responsiveness And Personal Interest in Your Needs

Of all the event and catering professionals we spoke with, this came up over and over due to the fact that how responsive and interested a caterer is during your initial conversations will tell you the way they'll perform over the term of their agreement with you.

Although many caterers claim they offer the most delicious food, it's not common for them to be quick to respond to emails or phone calls. "While these might seem to be small things when compared with the overall cost and taste, however, they indicate that the caterer is truly focused on meeting the client's requirements and making sure that they are pleased with both the food and service."

#2 - The ability to manage your particular type of event

A lot of caterers admit that not every caterer is suitable for every event. When interviewing caterers (and you must speak to at least three caterers for any event that has a budget that is reasonable), you need to be specific about the type of event that you're planning as well as the kind of food or presentation that you are expecting. You may find yourself choosing one that's not the ideal match for your event.

#3 - Flexibility in Menu Options

Practically every caterer has an unofficial menu or menu to choose from, and many do offer some degree of flexibility to tailor these menus to your specific needs by substituting particular ingredients and/or modifying others. The most reliable caterers will be eager to provide delicious food that is tailored to your requirements and your themes.

#4 - Willingness To Provide Tastes

How do you determine what a caterer's services do unless you sample their goods? More specifically how can you tell what the items on the menu you are considering will taste like unless you specifically try the items?

Some people avoid having a sample of the items they'd like for their celebration because it may seem like a hassle for the caterer. However, it's standard to request a sample of what you are intending to purchase prior to signing on the dotted line.

#5 - Familiarity with the Venue

You could be in for an unexpected surprise when you choose a BBQ take-out restaurant to host a formal ballroom fundraiser. If you decide to hire an event catering company like UNCLE NICK'S DELI with a top-of-the-line reputation serving a barn wedding. Why? Because caterers might not be used to cooking and serving food in this kind of setting.

#6 - Complete Explanation of the Services or Goods promised in the Contract

The contract of the caterer must clearly define what food, beverages, and other services it is going to provide on the specified day(s). It also should protect you from nonperformance in the same way that it protects you from nonpayment/default. It is advisable to have an attorney review it prior to signing it.

#7 - A Well-Defined Cancellation Plan

A caterer who has a shred of respect or scruples goes into a contract with plans to cancel at the last moment however, you must be sure that there's a cancellation clause in the contract in case your caterer needs to cancel.

#8 - References You Are Able to call and speak to

Naturally, you'll need to research the caterers you're thinking of hiring and it's always best to get by going online and checking out websites such as Yelp, Wedding Wire, and Angie's List for their reviews and ratings.

Make sure to read the reviews on the internet. They may not be 100% accurate or authentic. For instance, the best caterer may have had some bad clients that skew their ratings. A bad caterer could have overinflated their online reviews. You can reach out to past clients by looking up caterers you are interested in and asking them for their feedback.

#9 #9 - Insurance

We spoke with caterers who called insurance coverage "a granted" to caterers. It is not a good idea to take legal liability for any oversights or incidents that are the fault of your caterer.

#10 - A Professional Chef and Kitchen Staff

It's surprising that how long a catering company has been operating may not be as critical when choosing a top caterer as you may think.


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