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Leander Water Damage Restoration

Aug 14

Water and Flood Damage Clean Up  

With the recent major events across Texas, unfortunately, many have had to face flood and water  damage clean up and restoration. Though it is difficult to face the emotional and psychological effects of such damage, the process of restoration is a necessary one. 

Call the Experts for Best Results 

Of course, it is best to call upon experts in the field of restoration. Within the greater Austin area, the trusted name to call for almost any kind of water, fire, or natural disaster recovery is ATEX Water Damage Restoration.  With their expertise, specialized equipment, and specific engineering controls, they know how to handle clean up, prevent further damage, and keep you and your family safe from harm. With three locations throughout the Austin area ATEX can respond quickly to emergency calls. 

Prevent Additional Damage 

Professional water damage restoration is a process that involves assessment and cleans up after the occurrence of water or fire damage. Specifically, flood clean up restoration of electronic goods is a part of this procedure. For restoration and prevention of additional damage ATEX Water Damage Restoration provides these services, basement cleanup and dry out, water and sewage extraction, complete structural drying, disinfection and sanitization, removal of damaged content, and even demolition and remodeling. 

Do Not Wait, It Only Get Worse 

Flood clean up, and restoration is a process that should start as quickly and efficiently as possible. Though you may want to get started on this process by yourself, it is best to wait until the experts arrive. At the same time, there are some steps you can take since time is critical when dealing with a flood and water damage. First, eliminate the source of water if possible. If there are no risks to electric shock, turn off circuit breakers, particularly those that are supplying electricity to wet areas in the structure. Unplug and remove any small electrical appliances and devices, especially those that are located on wet floor coverings or wet surfaces. Remove and secure small furniture in order to prevent rust or other stains. Another thing you can do is place aluminum foil under the legs of wood furniture. This will prevent additional stains on the carpets. In order to minimize water marks, hang up drapes and the skirts found on sofas and chairs so that they don’t touch any wet surfaces. You will want to remove books, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants, and any other items that might leave a stain on carpets. Remember to check under beds and in closets too. Completely remove items that may break or are highly valued goods. Make a plan to remove large pieces of furniture from the building if they are touching wet surfaces and can be easily damaged. 

Remember Time Is Not Your Friend 

Keep in mind that throughout all of this, time is critical. Every choice you make can become a crucial factor in preventing water damage. Flood clean-up restoration is a lengthy, time-consuming process, but if done properly it can lead to the recovery of your possessions and the prevention of further damage. Though this article provides a host of things you can do yourself, keep in mind that for full recovery and water damage restoration, a professional service organization, such as ATEX Water Damage Restoration is the best choice you can make to keep you, your family, and property safe from harm.