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Redhead Beach

Jun 19

About Redhead Beach

The stunning cliffs and rocky outcrops at the northern end of a nine-mile stretch make Redhead Beach well known for its natural beauty. Home to many life-saving clubs, this beach also welcomes swimmers in the summer months when it's patrolled by volunteers wearing red shirts who are ready with their rescue equipment should anything go wrong!

The beach is an amazing place to explore and enjoy the outdoors. You can take a walk on the boardwalk that will let you view natural scenery like swans, ducks or wildlife while also being able to see your surroundings in perfect conditions for surfing!


What to do at Redhead Beach

Redhead Beach is a popular destination for people who enjoy water activities, and it's no wonder why. The beach has been ranked among the top beaches in New South Wales because its stunning cliffs are perfect for photography; there're also plenty of rocks along the shoreline where you can climb if that sounds more your speed! If watching the waves crash over sharp edges isn't enough excitement then head down to one of our two local clubs -the Redheads Surf Life Saving Club (they rescue stranded swimmers)and try out their lessons on Ribbons Reef breaching turtles.

The Redhead Beach is a popular spot for swimmers and surfers alike. It's at the northern end of a nine-mile stretch that has stunning cliffs, rocky outcrops as well as an underwater tunnel that allows you to see what's below water level without ever having go too far from shore!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, conditions are perfect at this beach. You can view nature from the walkway that leads down to where waves break and there are tons of wildlife visible in their natural habitats along these paths!

Beach- Redhead

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