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Maitland Bay Track

Feb 6

About Maitland Bay Track

The Maitland Bay track is one of the most popular bushwalks in Bouddi National Park. This short, steep walking path begins at Maitland Bay Information Centre and winds downhill to secluded waters that are perfect for swimming or dipping your feet into pristine bay water while looking out over rugged cliffsides covered with lush jungle greenery- truly an experience not soon forgotten! As you make your way down this delightful incline consider stopping every so often if only long enough take advantage on all there has been set before us: enjoy some peace & quiet; refill water bottles from fonts along process ; admire the scenery. 

The walk to Maitland Bay is a great way from scent of fresh air and natural landscapes. You can enjoy this short track that begins at Information Centre, winding downhill through secluded gifting spots like Bullimah Spur Track Junction or rock landings before ending up by beautiful beaches such as those found along the shores near Bouddi Grand Deep Rainforest. The journey will leave you feeling refreshed after taking in all these pristine surroundings!

What To Do At Maitland Bay Track

Head to the beach with your headphones and get ready for an adventure! After swimming in low tide sandy beaches or looking at shells, head back up through Putty Beach Park which has one of Australia’s most famous landmarks-the Maitland tragic shipwreck Scene. It takes about 30 minutes uphill walk (or 40 if you are visiting during peak hour) plus 15 -20 more when there's heavy traffic on highway.

The walk up the mountain is worth it for a view like this one. It's quite steep and includes some steps, but you might stop at Maitland Bay to swim in their refreshing waterfalls or just enjoy an afternoon picnic on one of many fields surrounding them! Bring insect repellent as well - there are mosquitoes around all year round here so make sure your gear protects against those pesky bugs too. I hope these suggestions help prepare your next adventure into nature; whether its hiking through mountainside trails with views that go.

The Maitland Gale is an iconic name for a shipwreck that occurred near New South Wales, Australia. This storm caused many other ships to sink along the coast but it was in 1855 when this disaster claimed its most lives with over 120 people lost aboard just one vessel-the unfortunate passengers refused any assistance until rescue came eventually after several days without news from them or their crew members who were all believed dead by then! Some remains of both wood and metal can still be seen today at low tide if you go far enough out into deep water off Bouddi Point where rocks become more visible than ever before because they've been covered up since.


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