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23 Quick and Simple Energy Tips for Odessa Home Owners

Jan 18

23 Quick and Simple Energy Tips for Odessa Home Owners

ODESSA, TEXAS, Jan.18, 2022 - Texas Electricity Ratings

Every homeowner wants to save money, so energy is a major expense. Energy use can also be harmful to the environment.

Follow the energy-saving tips below and you will save money throughout the year. 

Your Energy-saving Tips

1. Use dishwashers at night and clothes washers/dryers during peak hours between 4 and 6 pm to cool the house and lower the risk of emergencies.

2. When they aren't in use, turn off your lights. Lighting is about 12% of a typical residential utility bill.

3. Choose the best location for your AC. This is something that should be taken into consideration when installing the system. If your unit's outdoor location is too close to the sun it will reduce its efficiency. This could mean your AC is going to have to work harder. It will use more energy to supply the cooling you desire.

4. The Smart Power Strip can still be useful even when you're not using any electric appliances. It is also known as the "Phantom Load", and accounts for around $200 annually of your energy bill. This issue can be fixed by using a smart-powered strip. When there is not enough power, a smart power strip will automatically shut off. You can also set schedules to turn off the power strip at certain times such as before you go to sleep.

5. Keep Your Appliances Clean - I think we all have to take out visible food spillages and dirt from our appliances. You should really clean them! Let's get to the bottom. Open your appliance, clean it thoroughly, and wash the filters. Your devices should be in good condition and free from any obstructions.

6. Allow sunlight to enter your home. Use skylights and windows to lighten the home during daylight hours.

Your windows need to be replaced. Replace single-pane windows.

7. You can use Energy Efficient Appliances. Energy efficient appliances consume less energy for the same tasks as normal appliances. You may also find appliances that make use of renewable energy, such as solar water heaters to reduce your electricity consumption.

8. Lighting your home wisely: Are you still using halogen and incandescent bulbs? You should replace these bulbs with LEDs or CFLs as soon as possible if the answer is yes. They use less electricity and last much longer. Both halogen and incandescent bulbs are hotter than LEDs. The result is a higher temperature inside the home and increased energy consumption.

9. Open windows allow for natural cooling by creating a breeze that blows across your house. You can naturally cool your home by opening windows. The cross-wise breeze created by the opening of windows allows you to cool down your home naturally without having to turn on an air conditioner. By opening your windows, you can create a crosswise breeze that allows for the natural cooling of your home. It is especially useful in spring when it's mild.

10. Insulating your home and sealing cracks, gaps, and leaks can help you save as much as 10% on heating and cooling. Home heating and cooling can be reduced by sealing gaps, cracks, and leaks or adding insulation. You can reduce your heating and cooling expenses by sealing leaks, cracks, or gaps. The addition of insulation and sealant can make your home more comfortable and save you up to 10% in heating or cooling.

11. After the cooking time is up, turn off your oven. You can continue cooking without the need for additional electricity.

12. Your fixtures can be controlled with either a photocell (or a timer) to ensure your outdoor lights work only at night.

13. You should set your thermostat at 78F (in the summer) and 68F (in the winter). Every degree of additional cooling or heating will lead to an increase in energy usage from 6% to8%. It will take longer to cool your house if your thermostat is set at lower than the normal temperature.

14. Change your Behavior. This is the ultimate tip for energy savings. It is possible to control the energy consumption of your home, appliances and other household items. Your habits and behaviors can be changed to save even more energy. Make sure you are not running unnecessary devices. You should ensure that your lights and appliances turn off when you go out of your house and that your chargers and appliances remain unplugged whenever not in use.

15. Make sure your windows are energy efficient. Heat loss from the windows is a major source of heat waste in hot regions. If you live in colder parts of the country, double-pane windows are a good option to save heat. Low-e gas-filled windows can also reflect sunlight in certain places to help keep the house cool during summer, and warm areas of winter.

16. Maintaining your HVAC unit is a good way to save energy. It is important that you do this on both a regular and seasonal basis. Your HVAC system's health will impact your summer and winter energy efficiency. Unclean filters can cause the unit to consume more energy by making it work harder.

17. Your thermostat should be adjusted. Setting the thermostat higher when you're not home on warm days can reduce your energy bill by 10%.

18. Low-cost caulk can seal gaps and cracks around your house to keep warm air out and your cash safe. Caulk is a low-cost way to seal holes and cracks in your home. This will keep your warm air outside and money in your pocket. Use low-cost caulk for sealing cracks and openings inside your home to trap warm air. You can keep the warm air from entering your home by sealing any cracks or openings with low-cost caulk.

19. For efficient appliance operation, it is important to defrost the refrigerator and freezer before the ice becomes 1/4-inch thick.

20. Your mobile phone should not be left unattended for more than 24 hours. The charge takes only a few hours.

21. You should use water with caution - Water, as a necessity, is essential. It's essential to take a shower, wash clothes, clean the cars, or do dishes. By using water sparingly, you can reduce your energy consumption and save hundreds of gallons. It is a good idea to use a shower as often as possible and to scrape the dishes rather than washing them.

22. Get Natural Sunlight or Air. If you keep your curtains closed when the weather is warm and sunny during winter, it will prevent the sun from warming the room. It is the same for summer, when it is very cool out. Nature can take charge of heating and cooling. It's also possible to turn off your lights when the weather is nice.

23. Install bathroom fans. Bathroom fans reduce heat buildup and improve comfort.

By implementing some of the above tips, you will use less energy for the same job, which can reduce your energy consumption and save money.

And one final tip. While all of the above tips will help you save electricity throughout the year, making sure you have the best electricity plan that best matches your needs, check out to see the best rates and plans available to you.

Quick and Simple Energy Tips for Odessa Home Owners

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