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Compare Odessa Electricity Rates - Providers & Plans

Jan 15

Compare Odessa Electricity Rates - Providers & Plans

ODESSA, TEXAS, Jan.15, 2022 - Texas Electricity Ratings

Are you looking for low-cost electricity in Odessa? Accessing the right tools, you should be able to find the most reliable and affordable electric plans for your West Texas needs. Texas Electricity Ratings, headquartered in Houston, has provided homeowners, apartment dwellers, and businesses affordable electricity plans since 2009.

One thing to watch for, frequently, larger brands may get more aggressive with their pricing in order to win more business and get gain more customers. Texas Electricity Ratings updates plan pricing daily to make sure the best rates are available to shoppers.

Check out the current electricity rates in Odessa

You want the lowest price when you shop for electricity. You can save money by having the best tool to help you compare energy rates. This is how you can shop for electricity in Texas using the Texas Electricity Ratings marketplace:

You have the right to select your energy provider if you reside in Odessa. Texas Electricity Ratings is an easy tool that allows you to compare electricity rates across different providers in Odessa.

Odessa electricity rates

Odessa's winters are typically dry and mild. It is uncommon to see snowfall due to the extremely high temperatures that prevail throughout the year. This plays a significant role in the rising energy costs.

Cool air is needed in the house because of the weather. The cool summer months bring down electricity rates. A variable rate plan is a great option. You can explore all the available variable-rate energy plans in Odessa to see if it is right for your needs.

The plan you choose is almost identical to the one that was before. This plan comes with a contract, unlike the variable rate plan. This plan is intended to last for a very long time. Your electricity rates will not change each month with this plan.

This plan provides predictability, stability and security for your electricity bill. You can choose to set this option up and forget about it every month. You can also set up automated online payments with many plans, which means you don't have to fret about it.

Becase of deregulation, you have the Power to Choose your Odessa electricity plan.

It's a great honor to be part the Odessa Community.

Texas is second in America in terms of size and has the largest and most healthy economies. Texas would be the 10th-largest GDP country if it were its own nation, surpassing Canada and South Korea.

Odessa is a Texas icon. But Odessa is now well-known for its oil production. It is expected that the Permian basin will soon be the world's biggest oil field. It is the fourth largest producer of oil in terms of production, behind Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Take a moment to think about this!

We are proud to be one of Texas' top electricity companies.

Odessa Texas -- Beyond cheap electricity plans

Some plans do not require a deposit or credit check. You don't have to worry about bad credit and deposit issues if you want the best electricity rates. Get in touch with us to learn about our plans that don't require a deposit and do not require credit checks.

Continue reading to find out more about electricity in Odessa, and how to reduce your energy costs.

Odessa can be found along Interstate 20 and many other major railroad links in West Texas. It is located on the Entrada al Pacifico trading corridor which makes it ideal for distribution. The city, which was the home of Family Dollar's largest distribution center in 2003, became an important retail hub for Coca-Cola beginning 2007.

Odessa Energy Data

The city of Odessa, when it was founded in 1881 was just a stop for water and a point to ship cattle on the Texas and Pacific Railway. The city grew rapidly during oil booms, thanks to the opening of Penn Field and Cowden Field. As the economy prospered, more families moved in together. In just four years, the number of people living in their homes grew from approximately 750 to 5,000.

Odessa is also powered by wind energy. As the largest source of Texas electricity, wind has overtaken coal. The price of wind-generated electricity has been steadily falling due to technology and scale economies. It is now comparable in price to other traditional sources of power.

This is an illustration of how the typical Odessa electricity bill looks. This will show you how your expenses affect your electricity rate, rather than vice versa.

Odessa Electricity Plans and Rates

Earth Share of Texas is also our partner. This 501(c),3 non-profit foundation represents and supports America’s top environmental and conservation organizations, 38 of which are local or statewide.

Fill out this form and we'll send you the lowest rates for your contract. When your contract expires, energy companies will raise electric rates. You should be ready to change providers and plans.

Odessa Electricity Rates: Compare Plans From Trusted Providers Today


Is there a reasonable rate for a kWh in Texas

11.67 Cents per Kilowatt-hour

Odessa, who provides power?

Amigo Energy, and many other electricity suppliers

Do you have deregulated electricity?

Electricity is now deregulated in Odessa Texas. You have the option to choose your retail electricity provider (electricity company) when you are a consumer. You have more control over the energy cost and are able to adjust accordingly.

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