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Which Texas Electricity Company is the Cheapest?

Jan 14

Which Texas Electricity Company is the Cheapest?

HOUSTON, TEXAS, Jan.14, 2022 - Texas Electricity Ratings

Our online tools make it easy to find the cheapest electricity company in Texas.

The easiest and most efficient way to locate the lowest priced electricity company in Texas is with the online tools found on

How do you find the lowest priced energy provider?

Texans may see lower energy prices in the future. According to the EIA, residential electricity retail sales may fall by 2.1 percent in 2022, compared with previous years. You should therefore shop when Texas electricity rates are at their lowest.

How do you choose and find the lowest electricity provider in Texas?

Where Do You Reside? Knowing your zip code is key to finding the lowest energy rates. Different parts of the state can access different rates depending upon demand and Transmission and Distribution Utilities tariffs. You will need to search for rates within the ONCOR region if ONCOR serves as your TDU. When looking for electricity plans, make sure to pay attention to where it is located.

How big is your home?

Texas is bigger than most other states, but this doesn't necessarily mean your electricity costs should be. You will need to determine your actual electricity consumption in order to find the lowest rates. You can't measure square footage accurately so it's best to review a year of bills in order to determine how much electricity you used each month.

For small households, less than 1000 kWh each month

Medium-sized households: Between 1000 and 1999 kWh each month

Over 2000 kWh for a large household per month

On the Texas Electricity Ratings site, you can see if these plans will be friendly to small, medium and large homes based upon the scale below. To organize your house according to household energy consumption, click the button below.

What are your top priorities?

You will need to choose the most important benefits to get the lowest electricity rates. These are the most common benefits of organizing plans via the Internet:

Rated Company: Select a Texas-based energy company that has received positive customer reviews to back its dedication to quality service.

The length of the contract: Do you want to lock your contract for 1 to 3 years or a matter months? Or do you prefer to move month-to-month?

Renewables: When comparing Texas green electricity plans, make sure to check for plans with light backgrounds.

You have the Power to Choose your electricity plan in Texas.

Things to Consider When You Choose an Energy Provider

It's not as easy as choosing the lowest electricity rate. You also need to consider the total energy cost and not the average rate. Some plans reward specific usage while others penalize. Your energy costs can be dramatically affected by your usage of more or less kWh per billing cycle.

If you are concerned about getting stuck with a contract due to high fees, you can shop for electricity at a low price in Texas. You should also read the terms and conditions of each plan and be aware of any base fees and other charges that are included with it.

Plan Picker 3000

Plan Picker 3000 is a quick way to find Texas electricity plans. This is a fantastic tool that will help you narrow down the thousands of electricity plans available to you. It is free to use and very easy.

Find the cheapest electricity in Texas

The trend of declining energy rates over the past years is expected to continue. Texas' monthly energy costs dropped 10% in 2017! You should now start looking for low rates to lock in long-term electricity savings.

Texas gives you the ability to make your own decisions. It can be difficult to choose the right energy provider. We work hard to make sure you have everything you need in order to help you choose the right provider for you. Stop by and check us out for more information on finding the best energy plan that fits your needs.


Houston's lowest electricity rate: Who is it?

The cheapest electricity available in Houston is currently offered by Frontier Utilities and Express Energy. Rates as low as 6.7 cents per kWh.

Which Texas state has the lowest electricity rate?

Current Texas electricity rates are currently tied between Frontier Utilities and Express Energy. The rates for these three providers start at 6.7 cents per Kilowatt.

What is the best way to find cheap electricity suppliers?

Compare electricity prices frequently to ensure you get the best price.

You can easily compare the prices of electricity based on your usage by having a bill from recently or an annual statement.

Which Texas company has the lowest energy rate?

Frontier Utilities

Current Texas electricity rates are currently tied between Frontier Utilities and Express Energy. The rates for these three providers start at 6.7 cents per Kilowatt.

How much is it worth per kWh?

Average electricity rates are 12.5 cents per Kilowatt Hour (kWh). A residential customer paying 13.3 cents for electricity in the United States will pay an average of 13.3 cents for each kWh.

What Is the Cheapest Electricity Company in Texas

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