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Five Steps to Make Your Roof Prepared for Winter

Jan 10

According to Steadfast the water damage issue is the cause of 34% of all domestic property claim costs. This is also the highest priced type of claim. One of the major causes of water damage is blocked gutters.

While the average claim for water damage has doubled in past two years, only 19% of homeowners believe that water damage poses the biggest danger to their house. As an owner, you have the ability to make sure your roof is prepared for winter weather and keep major water damage from damaging your home.

These five steps will help you winterproof your roof before the rains arrive.

Clean Your Gutters

While the autumn leaves on the ground can be beautiful to look at, they're bad news for your gutters. Leafs and other debris can accumulate in your gutters, leading to blockages and even water overflow. Water running through the exterior walls of your home can cause damage to your home's exterior and weaken the structural integrity of your house.

The solution? Clean your gutters!

Once the majority of the leaves are gone you can grab the ladder from your shed and climb it to clean out your gutters. Be alert for signs of animal poop, like nests of bees and birds. You can also call a pest control specialist for assistance.

Trim the Trees around Your Roof

The branches hanging over your house will also contribute to an accumulation of debris within your gutters. If they fall off in powerful storms, they could also cause damage to your roof.

To stop your trees from getting into the gutters it is a good idea to prune your trees. Many animals like to make their homes in trees. The long branches that can be seen over your house allow them easy access to the roof space of your house so that they can make a fresh home.

Roof Inspection

Autumn is the perfect time to have a roofer come and assess the condition of your roof. A professional siding contractor Pittsburgh roofer will be able to differentiate between normal signs of roof wear and tear , and what will need to be replaced to make your roof ready for winter.

A roof inspection will take all the components of your roof to determine if:

Flashings can be bent, broken, or rusted

Shingles or tiles are missing or damaged

The valleys may be in good condition, or they may need to be cleaned.

Sealant is adequate and hasn't cracked

Any other damages to the roof

While you could get up on your roof to inspect it yourself, it's not recommended. Professional roofers will be equipped with the latest safety equipment for examining your roof.

Professional Roof Replacements and Repairs

Nobody likes the idea of rainwater pouring into their homes and having to make emergency winter roof repairs. If you discover any problems in your roof, it is time to repair them before winter hits.

It doesn't matter if you simply need to replace tiles or flashing, it is crucial to do these things to get your roof for winter. A Pittsburgh roofing expertwill be also able to offer you winter roof maintenance suggestions specific to your home.

Check the Roofspace Insulation

You lose 25-35% of your house's heat through your ceilings without insulation. Leaks and damaged roofs will just increase the loss. By reducing the loss, you are able to conserve energy when heating your home in the cold winter months.

By examining the insulation of your roof before it is cold, you will be able to decrease the loss of heat.

Steadfast Roofing

It might be time for an upgrade in insulation if you live in an older house. This ensures that you don't use up energy heating your home and allow as much heat as far as it can.

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