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Hawaii's Best Beaches and Vacations

Dec 21

Which island do you prefer: Hawaii, Maui, or Kauai? Check out the beaches and then make a reservation at a resort or hotel.

Find out where the nicest beaches are in Hawaii before you book a low-cost ticket there and a hotel or resort for your winter holiday there. Here's a tour to five of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii.
Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, if not the whole globe. Those interested in visiting Hawaii during the winter months should research the greatest Hawaii beaches before making their travel arrangements. Avoid making a hotel reservation or booking a low-cost flight without first determining how far away the next fantastic beach is.
While there will almost certainly be a good beach nearby wherever you travel in Hawaii, why settle for excellent when you might be sunbathing, swimming, or surfing on one of the world's top beaches just a few miles away? It may be as easy as deciding on Maui (the finest island for beaches?) rather than the entire state of Hawaii.

First, check out some Hawaii travel recommendations. The list of Hawaii's beaches is the biggest single section of the index in the new Lonely Planet Hawaii travel book, which was published in December. Nearly 150 Hawaii beaches, beach parks, and sandy bays are included in Lonely Planet, ranging from the Ahalanui Beach Park on the Big Island to the Whittington Beach Park on the Big Island.


Here's a list of the top five beaches on the Hawaiian islands, listed purely by alphabetical order. It's important to remember that all such rankings are totally subjective, and this is a list of five of the finest Hawaii beaches rather than the five best Hawaii beaches, but none of these top five beaches will let you down.

It is possible to see dolphins at Hulopoe Beach on the island of Lanai, which is a crescent of white sand shared by residents and visitors alike. If you're staying at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, this is a great option.
Kaanapali Beach, in Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui, is a popular resort beach with three miles of sand that is often crowded but is ideal for people who prefer to mix beach time with action. Kaanapali is home to resorts like as the Westin, Sheraton, and Hyatt Regency.
Lumahai Beach on the North Shore of Kauai is the famed South Pacific beach that appears in the film, and it is every bit as lovely as it appears in the real life as well. Excellent for sunbathing and taking photographs, but not ideal for swimming.
When it comes to laying their eggs, sea turtles usually prefer the nicest soft sandy beaches to lay their eggs on, and the black sands at Punaluu Beach Park in Kau, Hawaii, are a popular choice. Sunbathers should share the beach with turtles, respect their privacy, and avoid approaching the turtles or their nesting places if as all possible. This beach is also a good choice if you want to visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park while you are here.

Hawaii Beaches and Vacations

Wailea Beach in South Maui is the last on the list mainly because it was previously voted the finest beach in the United States, hence it is included last simply alphabetically. There are several luxury hotels nearby, including the Four Seasons, Marriott, and the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa. It is quite popular and crowded, yet it is an excellent place for sunbathers, swimmers, and snorkelers.
The beaches of Hawaii are truly world-class, so make sure to see them before booking your Hawaii hotel resort holiday.