2 top Austin Realtors join forces to form impressive new partnership

What if two Austin locals, both known for their style and real estate awareness, combine their expertise? Magic – for buyers and sellers.

Michael Reisor and Lander Peerman joined forces in 2019 and formed a new partnership for Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty that covers all possible bases. Your customers get twice as much knowledge, twice as many contacts, and twice as many ideas, resulting in a more immersive experience than just one person could provide.

“When you work with a team like us, you get yin and yang,” says Reisor. “We know how to bounce ideas off each other, formulate creative strategies and implement them with immense energy and effectiveness.”

“Both buyers and sellers choose to work with us because they see the combined value of two incredibly connected, hardworking, and experienced Austin Realtors,” agrees Peerman. “We are confident that our team dynamic will create more positive energy, more reach, more resources and an overall better experience.”

Reisor, who is in the city’s top 10 percent brokers by volume, a member of Kuper’s President’s Club and a nominee for the Austin Business Journal’s Top Agents Award, has won the awards in just three years as a broker.

Peerman is relatively new to real estate too, but not to entrepreneurship. After completing a double degree in business and communications from UT, she moved to New York City, but quickly realized that sitting behind a desk all day wasn’t for her. For the next 10 years, she followed her passion for fitness, creating boutique gym brands in Dallas and Austin. Now, in just her first two years as a broker, Peerman has signed over $ 5.5 million in real estate and currently has a portfolio of listings valued at over $ 9 million.

“Michael and I have known each other for several years,” says Peerman. “Our paths crossed early on because of our love of fashion, fitness and a trendy Austin lifestyle. When I got my real estate license, I started looking for the top agents in town. Michael isn’t just one of the top agents but also his branding caught on with me. I really liked and admired the way he viewed luxury real estate differently, and I wanted to learn and grow with someone who was disrupting the industry in new and positive ways. “

“We both bring a deep understanding of the urban lifestyle of Austin today,” says Reisor. “We know the people to know, the places to go and why they’re special. We see where Austin is going while we know where the city is from. Our special sauce is that Identify the type of lifestyle a newbie will make and where they will live. “

Visit the Michael Reisor and Lander Peerman websites for the latest deals.

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